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Groundwater World is a not for profit organization operating with the mission of bringing people and businesses in the groundwater industry together in order to provide a better water experience to consumers around the world. This website is a collection of resources and directories that are helpful to consumers and producers alike.

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How Does a UV Water Purifier Work?

In the year 2020, purifying things is part of our everyday life. We want to purify the air we breathe, the surfaces we touch…

Why Does My Water Taste Salty?

Does the drinking water in your home taste salty? This is caused by a high concentration of chloride ions or…

Chlorine in Drinking Water: Is it Safe?

If you live in a city or town with recycled drinking water, then chances are your water contains Chlorine.

Drinking Water Issues in Duluth, MN

There are over 85,000 people that rely on water that is pumped out of Lake Superior, the third-largest lake…

Is Sulfur Water Safe?

The classic thing people notice about sulfur water is the lovely smell of rotten eggs. It’s actually decaying sulfur in eggs that make it smell like that. So, one could say that sulfur doesn’t smell like…

Is Reverse Osmosis Bad For Your Health?

There are many claims on the internet that the reverse osmosis water purification systems are bad for…

Why is My Water Brown After a Rainstorm?

Has it rained for days, and is your yard flooded? When you turn on the faucet…

Is Cloudy Or Milky Water From a Faucet Safe to Drink?

Cloudy or milky tap water doesn’t encourage you to drink it, and it’s…

Does Boiling Water Remove Chlorine?

Chlorine is one of the top ten most produced chemicals in the United States. It is manufactured commercially by the…

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